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Chuang Yin Development Sp.zo.o.

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O Firmie: Chuang Yin Development (Overseas) Sp. z o.o (“CY”), is the subsidiary company of the Silver Base Group which is distributed and sales different types of Chinese wine for several years at Poland. Its mother company is listed at Hong Kong Exchange and is stock code is 886. Its mother company, Silver Base Group is the leading distributor of high-end liquors in both China and the international market, is engaged in the distribution of a number of Chinese and overseas high-quality liquor products, especially four major China’s top tier baijiu brands. Two core bestselling premium baijiu brands of the Group are “Wuliangye” series and“Moutai” series, the national liquor in China. Other bestsellers of the Group include National Cellar 1573, Shanxi Fen Wine, Guizhou Yaxi Jiao and Guo Bao Daquanyuan. Established in 1997, Silver Base, as the leading operator in the forefront of the China’s baijiu industry, has been dedicated in introducing a wide spectrum of baijiu products of different flavors and different price level to the market with an aim to enhance consumers’ unique experience in tasting baijiu and open up a wider market by addressing diverse customer preference and cooperating with baijiu manufacturers to invent different new products. Apart from Baijiu products, the purchasing team of the Group has been counting on their sophisticated understanding of different regions and every single market segment and their professional knowledge on products in introducing different high-quality wine and whisky products from all over the world, in order to expand product portfolio and enhance customers’ wine tasting experience and overall living quality. The Group has successfully built an international sales network covering all regions in China and other countries across Europe and Asia over the years. In terms of online sales channel, Silver Base has established a self-operated online sales platform “Pin Hui 001” for selling our wide spectrum of liquor products. Meanwhile, a large number of the Group’s products are also available on others large-scale online sales platforms, forming a solid and huge O2O sales network. The Group adopts the best management system to our sales channels, which reflects our emphasis on the efficiency and effectiveness of the distribution of our high-quality winery products to different regions in China. Currently, the Group is also engaged in selling Chinese branded cigarettes, including Hongtashan and Liqun, to overseas markets. Upholding the philosophy “savor the hearty flavor Inherit the bottle of wisdom”, Silver Base has maintained close and long term cooperative relationships with different liquor products manufacturers. The Group has formed a 20-year long cooperation with Wuliangye Group and being the biggest operator of Wuliangye series in different markets since 2000. Meanwhile, the Group has won the distribution right of Kweichow Moutai in several Eastern European countries and the exclusive distribution right of other high-end baijiu brands.