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Maitrox Poland Sp. zo.o.

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O Firmie: Established in 2004, Maitrox Enterprise Services Inc. is a digital-driven global after-sales service company for brand customers. By November 2022, Maitrox has provided customers with after-sales service landing support and comprehensive closed-loop information services in nearly 60 countries, including more than 4,000 service outlets and spare parts management for more than 140,000 SKUs. Major customers of Mairox include HP, Lenovo, Xiaomi, TCL, Nokia, HTC, Inspur, Asus, Midea, iFlytek, Realme, Changhong and Shangmi, among many other well-known companies. 迈创企业管理服务股份有限公司于2004年成立,是⼀家为品牌客户提供数字化驱动全球售后服务的公司。到2022年11月,迈创已为客户提供近60个国家的售后服务落地支持和全面闭环的信息化服务,其中包括4000多个服务网点和超过14万个SKU的备件管理。迈创的主要客户包括惠普、联想、小米、TCL、诺基亚、HTC、浪潮、华硕、美的、科大讯飞、Realme、长虹和商米等大量知名企业。