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Greenroad International Logistics

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O Firmie: Greenroad International logistics is incorporated in 1998, with authorized capital of RMB 50 million. We are a first-class freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, and an AAA member of CIFA. As a member of China International Contractors Association and international project logistics service provider, GIL is engaged in logistics general and sub-contracting of EPC, BOT, PPP projects and overseas transit services with customized project logistics solutions. With the operational support and collaboration of our offices and partners both home and abroad, we strive to participate in the management of complex supply chains of our customers, assist with outsourcing and optimization of logistics solutions, with the aim to improve the competitiveness of the customers’ products. GIL has very rich practical experience and expertise in VMI, Buyer Consolidation and RDC operations. 格林福德国际物流,成立于1998年,是商务部批准的国家一级、中国货代协会评级AAA级的货运代理企业,连年位居中国货运代理百强和民营货代企业50强企业,是中国对外承包工程商会成员,作为国际工程物流供应商,为客户定制全面的工程物流解决方案,承接EPC、BOT、PPP等国际工程项目的物流总包、分包,并可为客户提供海外转场服务。我们努力参与客户复杂供应链的管理,协助外包和优化物流解决方案,以提高客户产品的竞争力。 GIL在VMI、买方合并和RDC操作方面有非常丰富的实践经验和专业知识。