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Hangzhou Gelanfeng Technology Co., Ltd.
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The high quality graphene downjacket is designed and created by Gelanfeng Co.Ltd, it can keep the body warm through by fastly heating up the graphene films in 3 seconds at the back of the downjacket with a fantastically designed electronic controlling system. This fashionable coat contains one small lithium battery in the pocket, which can be charged in one hour while keeping warm for 7/8hours per day. The developing team of this product contains the famous scientists in Zhejiang University and also the Nobel winner team who discovered graphene. Besides, the far-infrared spectrum emitted by graphene matches well with the natural body infrared spectrum, which makes the heating very comfortable, like someone loved hold you at your back warmly. As a stage of promotion to international market, we offer as fob 330 dollars per pcs, and this product will be very popular in European society as the lack of electricity and gas in the coming cold winter. 














Hangzhou Gelanfeng Technology Co., Ltd
No.88, Huancheng South Road, Tonglu county,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
Official website: http://www.geefree.cn
Tel: 0571-85093323

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