Chinese company looking for foreign investors

Looking for foreign investors
Yunan, China
3 lata ago

Yunan, Guangdong Province, China, is a place with abundant bamboo and miscellaneous wood resources. It produces and manufactures environmentally-friendly bamboo and wood-plastic products (wood-plastic interior door, skirting line, overall cabinet, wardrobe, external wall hanging board, ceiling, decorative wall panel, outdoor floor, guardrail, plastic steel Pavilion, garden fence, balcony fence, leisure bench, tree pool, flower rack, flower box air conditioning rack , air conditioning cover, blinds, road signs, transportation tray, fruit frame, vegetable frame, supermarket shelf, restaurant table orange, high-speed rail train seat, subway train seat, cinema seat, tram seat, library chair, gymnasium chair, garbage bin, toilet door, toilet door apron, power supply box...) , water, electricity, transportation (high-speed rail, highway, provincial road, Xijiang waterway) are convenient, use the old place to rebuild enterprises, and look for powerful foreign investors to invest (products are sold abroad, advanced production technology and technology, equipment or investment funds are purchased in China). Interested parties please cooperate with me to set up enterprises sincerely! thank you!

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