Jiangsu Game and Animation On-Line Matchmaking Meeting for Europe

To fully take the advantages of the Internet, aiming at the advantageous industrial structure of Jiangsu Province, through cooperation with major industry authorities and other units in Europe, we selected high-quality producers for accurate matchmaking, combined online and offline resources, during the epidemic period in order to help representative suppliers in Jiangsu Province precisely matchmaking with international purchasers, help the economic development of both sides and facilitate the transactions.

Date: June 17-18, 2021, 2 days in total

Industry scope:

  1. Games: Computer game, online game, mobile game, video game and game software developer, etc.
  2. Device: Telecommunication equipment, TV amusement devices, game machines, personal computers, PDAs, multimedia related products, etc.
  3. Software: Game software, educational software, Domestic and other software, certification agencies, after-sales service agencies, game extension products, etc.
  4. Services and technology: Game training institutions, game outsourcing services and providers, international game marketing planning institutions, game international property rights trading, game technology exchange and cooperation, etc.
  5. Animation: comics; movie souvenirs; transformers; model kits; superheroes; toys; character toys; small antiques; animation; DVD; posters; military, action dolls and other related software and hardware products; etc.

Contact information:

China Commerce International Exhibition Co., Ltd.(CCIEC)

Mobile number: +86-18911566999

E-mail: gengyin@zhongshangexpo.com