Description of the chamber

The Polish-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, hereinafter referred to as SinoCham", is a bilateral organization of economic self-government, representing commercial interests of the Members associated therein, in the scope of the business activity carried out by them. The objectives of SinoCham is to support the development of economic and commercial relations between the Republic of Poland and the People’s Republic of China and to protect and support Polish economic interests in China and Chinese economic interests in Poland, develop entrepreneurship and economic progress, including by developing and disseminating national traditions of Poland and China. It represents and protects interest of its Members in the field of their business activities, in particular, before the government and local government administration, as well as national, foreign and international organizations;

Membership is applied in SinoCham. The General Meeting of Members is the highest decision-making body. The Management Board which manages the direction of work is the legal representative body of SinoCham. The Secretariat is the daily operating body of SinoCham, performing the resolutions of the General Meeting of Members and the Management Board and is responsible for the communication and coordination between the Management Board and member companies. At present, the heads of seven Chinese enterprises are members of the Management Board, and the Secretariat is set in the representative office of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Poland.