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Bioton S.A.

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O Firmie: BIOTON S.A. is a Polish innovative biotechnological company providing patients with safe and comprehensive solutions in treatment of diabetes. It is one of 8 world producers (on a commercial scale) of recombinant human insulin. Bioton is the largest Polish biotechnological company, whose plant in Macierzysz is located 20 km from Warsaw. Bioton employs over 600 people in Poland and invests in R&D in biotechnology and pharmacy. The main product of Bioton is insulin (RHI), which together with the pen for injection make a Gensupen system. Currently, the Company is working on creating the first polish insulin analogues, which will complement the BIOTON product portfolio and make the company offer a comprehensive range of diabetic products on the polish market. Bioton Insulins - those currently produced and planned for the future - are conceptually and technologically entirely the work of Polish biotechnologists and engineers. BIOTON Insulin (RHI) is included in the basket of medicines reimbursed under the government's 75+ programme and is the so-called reimbursement anchor in the Polish healthcare system.