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O Firmie: China Gezhouba Group Company Limited (CGGC), founded in 1970, is a core member firm of China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited (Energy China), a super large central SOE in China. CGGC focuses on design, construction, investment and operation of projects in fields of water conservancy, hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, wind energy, power transmission and transformation, highways, railways, bridges, municipal works, airports, ports, waterways and industrial and civil architectures. Busines scopes 8 diversified sectors, including environmental protection, construction, high-end equipment manufacturing, Investment and operation of infrastructures, real estate, cement production, civil explosive and blasting,finance, which are interconnected and developed in harmony. Hence, CGGC has grown to be a leading company among the “Go global” chinese companies. CGGC has strong financing capacity and is one of the most competitive listed companies in China, CGGC, as a fastest growing transnational entity, networks 142 countries and establishes 99 overseas branches. It has devoted to its global clients 190 projects with total contract value over 50 billion US dollars through the effort of its 30,000 worldwide employees, hence ranks top 50 out of the ENR Top 250 International Contractors